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Need a unique, hand drawn digital pattern for yourself or small business? We have hundreds of high quality, hand drawn commercial use digital paper sets to choose from, for use in all sorts of graphic design projects. All of our digital paper packs are print-friendly and include a limited small business Commercial Use license too.

We allow small business use in projects like web design, planner stickers, invitations, and packaging, with limitations.  Please consult our detailed Terms of Use to ensure your project falls within the scope of our TOU’s; if you need different terms, please contact us, and we would be happy to negotiate an appropriate extended license.

All of our digital paper sets are print-quality JPEGs – they are created at 300 ppi (3600 pixels square), and although the files are saved in the RGB color profile, the colors themselves are CMYK compliant (in-gamut), and will print vibrantly using CMYK printers, with limited color shifting.  Most of our hand-drawn patterns are seamless.

Our plaid pattern sets typically include 6 seamless plaid patterns that are vertical / horizontal in orientation, as well as 6 non-seamless diagonal plaid patterns.  Again, our plaids are saved as RGB files, but will print vibrantly on CMYK printers.

Our clip art illustrations are also created at 300 ppi, and in the RGB color space (using CMYK compliant colors).  The illustrations are quite large, typically between 1500-1800 pixels on their longest side.  However, these are PNG files, and not vectors, and may lose quality if scaled up.

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Digital paper, hand drawn seamless patterns, plaid patterns, and hand-drawn clip art illustrations for personal and limited commercial use. Northern Whimsy sets are created at 300 ppi in the RGB color space, but use CMYK compliant colors - perfect for printing or web use!

-Trevor & Jess

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