Batter Up Baseball Digital Paper – Blue and Green

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The Batter Up baseball digital paper set includes twelve hand drawn seamless patterns. The patterns include baseballs, bats, batter’s helmets, and bases, as well as coordinating geometric patterns. The main colors in this set are blue and green.

We also offer this set in a  pink and turquoise color combination.


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The illustrations are hand drawn (in ink on paper), and are unique to Northern Whimsy.

These papers are 300 ppi JPEG files, 12x 12 inches (3600 pixels square). They are saved in the RGB color space, but in-gamut for CMYK, which means they will print out vibrantly, close to the colors you see on your screen (though there will be some color variation, depending on your monitor and printer settings).

These patterns are seamless, and can be tiled to cover infinitely large areas, though the pattern size itself will remain the same.