Terms of Use (Small Commercial Use)

You MAY use this image for any personal use (that you do not sell). You can make as many copies as you need for your own use, including gift giving. You can print copies at home, or have them printed by a professional printer for your own personal use.

You MAY use this image for small business / light commercial use for print runs of under 1,000 physical items (T-shirts, throw pillows, jewelry, handbags, posters, etc). However, we do not allow simply printing our illustrations and patterns and selling as pages of paper, fabric yardage, T-shirts, mugs, etc; you must make significant modifications to our products prior to using them on items for resale.

No link or credit is required. Please contact us for Extended License pricing if you wish to produce a larger print run.

You MAY use this image in other digital and mixed media designs that you sell fewer than 1,000 of, as long as the image is flattened (no layers) in such a way that this image cannot be easily isolated (as part of a flattened digital scrapbooking layout or paper, scrap for hire where the product is flattened, styles applied to a shape and saved as a PNG in a scrapbook kit, non-editable invitations, etc) . The image must be used as part of a composition, or modified in some significant manner*. This includes Print on Demand fabric – our designs can be used, but only as part of a composition, where our image is significantly modified, and does not constitute the majority of the new design.

You MAY use our design in a logo, as long as it is used as part of a larger composition. Please understand, however, that the resulting logo cannot be trademarked, as the elements will not be unique to you.

You MAY use our design as a web background for personal use (one website, or up to three websites that are all owned / managed by family members from a single household). For the purpose of these Terms of Use, a personal website created by a professional is still considered ‘personal use’.

If you are professionally creating a website for a small business client, you may use our pattern for that client, but you must re-purchase the design if you wish to use it for a second small business client. If you would like to use the design for multiple clients, or as part of a website for a large corporation, please contact us to discuss extended licensing options.

You MAY use this item to create other digital items that you give away for free on your newsletter or website (“freebies”), as long as the image is used as part of a composition, comprises less than 50% of the new item, and the freebie item is flattened in such a way that our original work cannot be easily isolated from the new composition.

You MAY NOT use this image in any layered / editable digital items for sale.

You MAY NOT resell this (unmodified) image as a digital file, on its own or as part of a package.

You MAY NOT print the image, without modification, on a product for sale (you need to use our work as part of a composition that is significantly different from the original)

You MAY NOT redistribute this (unmodified) image digitally for free, on a website or by sharing with friends.

* “modified in some significant manner” means using it in a composition, where our original item would typically not make up more than 50% of the new composition; however, that includes the creativity you use in coming up with the item(s) it is used in.

For instance, if you use a Northern Whimsy pattern to fill in the background of your own, original, (flattened) printable invitation with other shapes, typography, etc, that would be fine, even if the pattern covers more than 50% of the surface area. You could use several items of Northern Whimsy clip art (or Northern Whimsy illustrations in conjunction with illustrations or patterns from other artists) to create a unique composition that you then print on T shirts for sale. You could print out pages of Northern Whimsy patterns, and use them in decoupage crafts for sale. In essence, make sure you add some creativity of your own.

Simply re-coloring a pattern or illustration for re-sale is not acceptable, and does not constitute a ‘significant modification’.

If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would like to work with you to get you the license you need, even if you want to use our item for something that is not covered by the above terms.